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API Status

API: Online

Internal Server 29001: Online

Internal Server 29002: Online

Internal Server 29003: Online

Internal Server 29004: Online

Previous status updates log

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[11/12/23 20:28] Monitoring an issue with the API and usage counter.

[11/12/23 17:45] An issue with the API was resolved.

[8/28/23 18:11] Maintenance and upgrades completed.

[8/24/23 3:19] Issue with API has been resolved.

[8/24/23 3:22] A fix has been implemented to the API.

[8/24/23 2:34] A temporary fix for the API has been put in place. Working on a permanent fix.

[8/24/23 2:31] Investigating issue with API returning success true but no data.

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